Gasparazzo band was founded in Reggio Emilia in 2003 and the name is a tribute to the satirical comic by Roberto Zamarin. The band's multiracial and intercultural lifestyle bring the project in contact with associations, organizations and movements that involve Gasparazzo in projects of solidarity, activism and recovery of historical memory. The first work Rosso Albero was born in 2005 (a project produced by the Municipality of Nonantola and Materiale Resistente association from Correggio), an acoustic album on the antifascist resistance of Emilia.

The music of the band flows soon to theater, documentary, short film and educational.

Original music is composed for the Docufilm Why women do not make war by Nannavecchia / Pecorari and performances by De Carlo / Tesauri as Obsessive alphabet of memory and oblivion as well as numerous short films and theatrical performances. The synchhronizing workshops brought to the schools by the founders Alessandro Caporossi and Generoso Pierascenzi are a new and particular source of inspiration for the following albums.

The band adds members and in 2007 comes out for Terracalda/Venus the album Tiro di classe that collects the various influences from reggae, folk, pop and electronic. Album co-produced with Simone Filippi of Üstmamò and Giuseppe Fontanella of the 24 Grana. Siesta  Bobby Solo’s cover is on air in Caterpillar of Radio2.

The band plays all around Italy and Albania, Ivory Coast, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Algeria.

In 2010 is released the album Fonostorie self-produced, always recorded at Ust Studio and distributed by Goodfellas. Also in 2010 comes the compilation Clowns and Jugglers for Octopus Records/Goodfellas, a tribute to Syd Barrett and the band plays Love You.

In 2010 the band fly to the Algerian Sahara for Jaima Saharawi and Dar Voce project. The aim is to raise awareness on Western Sahara’s social cause. The group meets musicians, representatives of the Polisario and ministers of the Arab Democratic Republic Saharawi (RASD), plays in the auditorium of the desert and in the local RASD National Radio.

In July 2010, Sabbia e libertà a DVD/Book is released and is the band's African trip story.

Some songs of the Gasparazzo have biographical themes, from Georg Elser, Tina Modotti, Otello Sarzi and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

In 2012 the band released the third independent album entitled Obiettivo Sensibile distributed by Venus.

In 2013 began the collaboration with the New Label Label in Ferrara that publishes, in January 2014, the collection of unpublished songs dedicated to the Italian Resistance that make up Esiste chi resiste, a collection of songs of over ten years of "resistant" songs. In 2014 comes out the album Mo' Mo' which contains the song Rovesciala second place in the contest for the anthem of the Mondiali Antirazzisti of Bosco Albergati (Mo) organized by Mei in 2013.

In 2016 the band publishes, again for NML, the album Forastico a live session at theVittoria Theater in Pennabilli.

Soon the national newspaper Il Manifesto publishes a two-page on the particular work of the band which, in the title, summarizes its intentions:

"Gasparazzo work force of nature".

Now the band is working on the sixth studio album for "NewModelLabel" that will be ready for the end of February 2019.